A Dreamer's Brother Soldier

March 3, 2011
By laurelli BRONZE, Powell, Tennessee
laurelli BRONZE, Powell, Tennessee
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Blurry does my vision start and I wonder,

Now I see more clearly the cold, devastating view.

Headstones spread the ground in every gray hue.

Names of so many I can see yet unclear they are,

It rains now, pours with such a force.

Cold, that is what I am, but sweaty are my palms.

Out family is here, I see their bodies cloaked in black,

Tears roll from our mother’s eyes as she looks.

She is looking at you, or rather your casket of engraved wood.

Screams and cries of pure pain escape her lips as in the ground,

Deep and cold they place you six feet under.

Moisture seers my eyes as my mind contemplate.

No more sibling arguments or laughing carelessly with you,

And worst of all there will be no more ‘I love yous’.

My heart pounds fast with a faltering beat as,

I call your name and no one answers for it is far too late.

A flag of stripes and stars folded in that soldier way,

They place it in my hands as a prayer they say.

With deafening volume the gun fire rings.

My brother, my toy soldier is gone from me,

For a reason he did not know was his life taken.

Crying I wake in the dark clutching my invisible flag.

Up I jump and run to you, startling you awake.

I cling to you with all my might, sobs are my words.

You pet my hair and stroke my face the way big brothers do,

Relief fills me to the brim for all of it was just a dream.

Everything is ok and you are here for it was just a dream.

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