Free Verse

March 3, 2011
Free Verse

Free verse is so great

You can do whatever you want

Just put words on a page

Add a few emotions

To spice it up a bit

Thrill about a flower

Or cry about a rose

Maybe add sound effects

To make it a little lively

CRACK! Went the baseball

Sobbing at your score
Don’t forget some similes

To look very sophisticated

So you can brag like a poodle

And smile like a Cheshire cat

Dabble in personification

To make something human

So this poem isn’t depressed

And hopefully won’t cry

A way to make it sound cool

Is to add a little rhyme

It may take some time

There you have it

The ingredients for a poem

Write one yourself

It’s easy to do

I did it in a few minutes

And so can you

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