Waking Up

March 3, 2011
The words are lost
Yet lived by everyday
"You're actions are so loud I cannot hear the words you speak."
My dad didn't deserve it
Not one bit
My discretion makes no difference
It doesn't bring back that touch
That feel of your aura
Tears are wasted
Nothing changes
I feel no worse, no better
Days get harder
Nights go by slower
Sometimes I get lost
In pictures of you
I talk and they respond
I hear you as my angel
What's right
Memories get lost in the depths of my mind
I lose my sense of reality
It all seems so surreal
It can't be true
I still dream that there is hope
When will I wake up
When will it all go back to normal
Why can't this nightmare just end
Maybe just for one day
Can you just be back
Be here once again
I regret so much
Stupid fights
Not listening
I knew it was going to happen though at some point
What pierces me deeply is did you hear me
I said I love you
But I didn't have the time to prove it
You went flat line
When I dreamt
It was of you
I didn't cry when I first heard
I didn't accept it
I was in denial
I still am
Why can't I just wake up

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