A Lovers Lost

March 3, 2011
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As I sit on the mountain side overlooking the place of destruction. As the sunrises I see what they have done they have left nothing standing. As I sit and watch what I hope someone to move. As the sunsets I know I’m to late why did I not come when I heard her call? I know it was her voice. Her voice carries like a soft wind in the summer time. Why did I not come? I knew she was in trouble, I saw that they were coming to get her, I knew the defensive wall wouldn’t hold and the men couldn’t hold then off why did I not come?
I sit and meditate on what I must do at first light. As light comes up from the mountains I go in to the valley hoping to find her living hiding not been touched by what has happened and ready to fight to her last breath. Hoping not to find her body lying in an everlasting sleep as the sun reaches the top of the valley I see what’s left of her house that we built to protect her when we brought her here. Those were easier days the small party we had would easily defend her in this valley and keep her safe and happy; but things never turn out the way we want to.
We lost many to the wars to the east and the mountains that protected us from any getting to our backs the rest of us left and put an army to defend her but we swore to come at her call but I know not of who came and fought in this great battle for I heard the call and did not come she was my love and I didn’t come to her call how can I trust that the others came when her lover couldn’t even heed the call that went out.
As I go through the wreckage I find her laying not breathing not touched yet by the coming sun that she shale never see again holding the locket that she had fought so hard to get yet now she holds it in her hands not seeing it not feeling its smooth metal design
I come closer to her I fall to my knees why didn’t I come when I heard the call I’m sorry my love I got here to late. I sit there as tears start to fall down from my face and on to her cold hands. I’m truly sorry ,I hear running coming up the valley floor I stand and draw my sword prepared to die defending her body who ever had done this won’t get her body not while I’m here,
As I kiss her head I turn to face whatever is coming. I stand guard over her land and wait. As the light begins to fade I see them coming but they don’t bear the flag of the enemy and war, they bring the flag of friendship and sorrow have they come to grieve over her dead body or is this a trick.
I sit and wait for them to move waiting for them to attack as the light fades into its last light they approach and I see faces of my friends and allies they have heard of her death and come to grieve others come and stand guard over what remains of the valley. As they pass with her body deeper in to the valley I fallow and watch as she’s lowered into the ground. Her final bed is made and it’s time for her to sleep. I lay her amulet on her chest and kiss her head and there she stays waiting for me to return to her when my time is ready and I come to lie where my home and life has always been, with her.

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