You Never Know

March 2, 2011
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Ill always be by your side
theres nuthing i want to hide
you are my heart my soul my everything
and i promise to abide
by the rules and descretion
Like a precious pearl , id cherish you dearly
something about you , something so deep
something that tells me youll be mine to keep
and everyday you sweep me off my feet
its hard to stand so take a seat
if only you see what you mean to me
my love is as big as the sky, as deep as the sea
as blue as water and as good for you as you are for me
i promis you an eternity with you in my arms
and ill do the work you just birng your charm
then we wake up in bed by oour alarm
and see that we were dreaming of the past bliss
and how we met and also our first kiss
every second with you is like an hour in heaven
and in heavens clouds you brang me up
now here i am and i cant get enough
now i know why they call it tough
because you can into my life and cleared up the roughness
and all i can think of is that 1st specific kiss
through the good and the bad
through everything and all
and you in my heart
like you picture on my wall
youll stay there forever where you belong
and i promise ill defend you even if your wrong
i could write for years
and it wouldnt be enough for me to truly say
how deep my love is for you and im here to stay.

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