Blunt about Blunts

March 8, 2011
By biuso9292 BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
biuso9292 BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
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High, in the sky.
I feel good.
More than that.
I feel content,
like I'm floating.

I look to my left.
Bloodshot eyes.
I look to my right.
Passing the blunt,
Around to me.

Here it is.
I take a pull.
Inhale hard,
and blow it all out.

I'm blowing out my fears.
Blowing out my worries.
Blowing out my cares.
Blowing out my life.

The smoke.
It flies away.
It separates.

I sit.
Just sit.
And stare.
Only stare.
I laugh.

My stomach growls at me.
I'm hungry.

The munchies.
I eat.
I eat.
I eat.
I don't stop.

I feel good.
Then it's over.
I feel tired.
I feel grimy.
I feel stupid.

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