The Lions

March 8, 2011
This is the story about Detroit,
In which I will try to exploit.
Why they are such a disaster,
see if they could be the NFL master.

They’ve lots of men, big and tall,
That have seen their team crash and fall,
They can’t wait to finally dominate,
And I’m not trying to exaggerate.

They have a title so close to their reach,
But the 0-16 season made a halting screech,
Now they have some great young guys,
They might finally beat all the teams they despise.

One new guy would be Jahvid Best.
He’s a better rookie than all the rest.
They have a QB too, Matt Stafford,
But his injuries make him a huge slacker.

Calvin Johnsons their wide receiver,
He’s making every Lions fan a believer.
Then the new guy, Nate Burleson, is quite a stud,
Let’s hope he’s not a mere old stick in the mud.

When I think about defense, I always sigh,
But then I think how it’d be without Dre’ Bly.
The Lion’s defense is the worst of the worst,
Let’s see if they can finally climb back up to first.

Special teams really aren’t totally horrible,
But offense and defense is pretty deplorable.
When it comes to punting, Nick Harris is awesome,
But it took him a few years to finally blossom.

The Lions have seen so many games lost,
Whether it was sunny or they’re covered in frost,
They can’t wait to finally get some big wins,
That’s all they want when every season begins.

The Lions may not have a playoff run,
But when it’s all said and done,
They could learn how to score,
Then they would begin to soar.

Everyone’s a “Bears, Packers, or Pats” fan
And they think the Lions should kick the can,
I think rooting for Lions would be pretty great,
just wait before soon they will dominate.

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