March 16, 2011
I became the man of the house at the age of 7
From Africa to New York
The customs and traditions so different
My traditional attire no longer "acceptable"
From an outsider to a gun wielding New Yorker
A fighter. Proud of myself and my family
Strongly following my faith
Fighting the temptations of what would be considered sin in my religion
The sole protector of my mother and baby sister
A man at a young age yet still a young boy doing childish things.
At 14, I fell in love
Legally I can't have her; spiritually I can and will
Her family doesn't approve of me; my friends don't know about her
My mother's traditional garb keeps the element of her beauty
Her caring and loving nature makes it easy to talk about any and everything.
A silent killer. Never detected Leopard of Sudan
A product of my new environment
Desirable among women young and old virginized and unvirginized alike
Moneymaking fiend, supportive of my mother's business
Determined to better myself for my mother, sister, and wife
My heart filled with love for my new bride
Supportive of her art
Snatched from under me in the blink of an eye
Going to get her back no matter what
From a boy to a man, from Africa to New York, from a son to a husband
I am Midnight

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