March 7, 2011
"dude get your gun they're here"
drowsy eyes light up like the moon
barely making it to standing attention
muddy boots and sweaty palms spin
rushing to get the AK47
bullets whizz past kissing the top of my hair
a sudden panic creeps up the spine and rattles the brain
soldiers awaken like vampires arising out of a deep bitter sweet slumber from their coffins
blood hungry
ready and loaded
its time to fight
behind enemy lines
the blur of armed children rush toward my men with guns and bombs
the unmistakable hesitation could kill the team in an instant
think quick kid
but these muddy faces, scared souls,and fierce eyes rushing for a kill are just kids
bullets speed past both ways
zig zagging through the air
they scream
we scream
trying to take back control
shooting anything that moves
screams and cries fade into the backround
mine echo theirs
i take two to the chest
i realized i need help
cant do it by myself
too weak
i hate my reflection
the one mirrioring the same kid who killed me

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