The Brighter Side

March 7, 2011
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You nag and nag. I hear your voice all day, reproaching and disapproving of everything I do.

I misunderstand your actions of care towards me, since you have funny ways of showing it.

You tell me many things of our family, and of your personal friends. i cannot creatively explain how much it means to me.

But the anger that bubbles beneath your skin leaves a slash wherever u scratch.

When you yell or raise your voice, I cringe even if it's not directed towards me.

And your threats, many people say are vague, make me believe you sometimes.

The things you say, ruin the rest of my day.

Sometimes I want to say the most horrible words ever...

You annoy me like no one ever will...but you love me like no one ever will.

I should know you as well as you know me.

But then again, there are too many things you do not know about me, so what else can I ask for.

You make jokes about the accents your family does, and I laugh along with you.

And in your own way, when I suffered the loss of a dear friend, you made me see that you will do anything for me.

Though, there are still some days where I want to repeat the words..the horrible ones.

You are far from being perfect.

But you are the perfect Mother in my eyes.

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