Do you Believe in Pixie Dust?

March 7, 2011
When will we give up this useless fight?
When will we tell the difference between wrong and right?

Why do we adore the ones that ignore us, and ignore the ones who adore us.
The distant shadows of the future avoid us.

Why is the past tapping me on the shoulder rapidly.
I don't wanna look back.

All we are reduced to are the children of the darkness,
the sun bowing down behind us.

When did we find solace in our tears.When did we find vivid relaxation in a sea of sorrow.

Uncertain of whats to come.
uncertain of why.

People change and promises are broken,but so are hearts and some cant be repaired.

We help each other because we are on the same road,
but our shoes, are different, but our destination is the same.
The song of happiness couldn't be fading anymore then it is now.

There is a fine line between flying and gravity.
I want to soar above the trees and see life at its best.
But I am stuck on this Earth with no way of that happening.
Reality and Dreams could not be more different,
but so hard to comprehend.

The wrath of acceptance comforts us,
we don't cry, or smile, just stare and think,

Why are we stranded on a place without happiness?
Why do the people who deserve sunshine get rain?
Why is your hardest never good enough?

Why are my thoughts still echoing my brain?
One foot in front of the other is how I begin to heal.

Slowly, carefully , because I can lose balance quickly.
I think I see light in a distance, but it might be a mirage.

The fog is too thick for me to find my way, but its possible.
and I will find what I am looking for if I try.
But how will you get anywhere if you never take the steps?

The people who don't believe in magic, never find it.
I on the other hand believe in pixie dust.

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