March 7, 2011
By cellogirl GOLD, San Diego, California
cellogirl GOLD, San Diego, California
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Bethany was beautiful
Skin aglow from youth and joyful soul within
But society values not youth or vitality
Unrealistic expectations
And soon Bethany was not happy
Golden soul of a girl
Hollowed from the inside out
Perfect but all she could see
Were curves that were meant to be
And Bethany was not happy
Soon pounds began to shed
Half the life of a girl as well
Dark circles and gaunt shoulders
But people began to notice
Told this empty husk of a girl
That she was now beautiful
But Bethany was not happy
Skin stretched across bird brittle bones
Hurt etched in every plane
And only now did they began to care
Lied and told her they always believed
She was beautiful
Although she never heard it
And Bethany was not happy
Cries into the night
Black streaks litter face and pillow
She can never be
What she’ll never know
Is the beauty she always
But was never told
And Bethany was not happy
Friends cried and parents shouldered blame
Wondered what she did not
Or could not
Angered by her hurt and confused
Wished they had shown her
Where beauty truly lies
And why what is portrayed
A false reality
Because Bethany was not happy

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