Don't Stop

March 7, 2011
By biuso9292 BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
biuso9292 BRONZE, Randolph, New Jersey
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Choke back those tears, you know you're stronger than that.
You have no fears, give them something to look at.
Paint on your sparkles and glitter. Shine away.
If those b****es are bitter they don't have to stay.

Hold your head higher than most, because you know that's who you are.
And when they want you to give the toast you'll be a super star.
All eyes will be on you the whole time.
To look this good, it should be a crime.

Now you're walking on the tippy top.
No one can make your air bubble pop.
You have a voice so let it be heard,
and make sure when you speak it ain't slurred.

And when your lungs run out of air,
everyone will stop and stare.
They will applaud and you'll be pleased to hear,
the crowd stands up and starts to cheer.

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