Yes or No, yes it is a trajedy, no your not real.

March 7, 2011
By Unimaginable BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
Unimaginable BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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I'll keep going on, Yes or No. Should or I shouldn't I. So many thoughts but which to choose. Should I open the door's to you again. Will this agonizing decision ever settle? Will I forget? Is there an answer for this? Or is there just the escape through writing & disguising you as a stranger through my writing so as well it may seem as if I were writing of the tragedies of being 16 & forever young, instead of letting your cover go. I promised to forget, yes I well know it was I who decided to shut the door & lock it, but I am a pushy person, indecisive in some of my work. Sometimes I want to ax and break down the very locks I built up myself & start it over, come running into invisible open arms that will disappear by loves touch & melt into water drops on the ground. Is it real or was it just all a fantasy? Sometimes everything is just a mere dream, something we can't have, but the mind being so strong tricks us and fools in into believing what is fake is now real. It's just a shame when you truly crash & realize life just had you on a chain believing, until you fall & reality wakes you, & you open your eyes to realize nothing is ever real. Nothing was ever there, just imagination. So this is where heartbreak & fear comes from. It comes from the Lie's of life. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is forever real. It may be there, staring right at you but how can you tell plastic from solid? Who will ever know. Don't reach out to touch what is not fake, it just breaks like glass and melts like plastic. Unrealistic reality is a tragedy.

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