Never look back

March 7, 2011
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Lock eyes from
Across the room
And I can't help but
Fall in love with you

You drive me crazy and
I want to tell you
But I'm too afraid
Of what you might say

Your blue eyes
Lock on mine
And I feel my heart
Start to melt

You look away and I
Can't help but feel disappointed
And I walk away with
A tear in my eye

I can't help but wonder
What could be and I
Go up to you and I
Tell you everything

You grab her hand
And you walk away
And I can't help
But close my eyes

I turn around and I
Keep looking back
And when you came begging
I can't help but turn away

I'm sorry but you
Had your chance
And I've moved on
And I have no regrets

I sigh
But this time
I turn around and
I never look back

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