" Alone In The World "

March 7, 2011
By Anonymous

“Alone in the world “
I had to make decisions all the time I had to be in charge because otherwise ill lose it all,
I had to be strong never lose my place in the ground,
because otherwise will be stuck in a world full of lies.
Had to make myself believe,
had to make myself achieve,
had to fake a smile to get through the day
had to keep it up to never back down again.
I had to keep my head up in the game
I had to say I’ll never lose myself again.
Had to whisper your name to get me through a better day,
had to think I was in the crowd so I don’t lose my place.
Had to say I love you just so I can get back in the game
had to lie my way in so I can face my demon once again.
I had to say goodbye so I never give up the faith
I had to keep the faith so I can never lose the hope.
Had to keep my head up so I don’t back down,
had to remember everything that happened between us so it never happens again,
had to smile so I can never frown,
had to say I love you once again so we can give it all another try.

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