I'll Never Know

February 28, 2011
By danikal8092 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
danikal8092 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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"Forgive and forget, but don't forget why you're here."

I look at you like there’s nothing left for me but this
You leave my heart pounding for more than fate can give
I’m waiting for opportunity with open hands, but if
You don’t stare back, what will I ever know from silence?

No given consequence but the fact
That I know disappointment a little bit too well
Reasons unheard of, not brought to my attention
Cause it hurts too much to bring it all flooding back
But hell, where do my chances remain?
When this is certainly not my game, to win
To lose for sure, scoring nothing in the process
And do I deserve all of this?
Sure, that’s what is done to the heart of
Someone dreaming a little too far past their capacity
Maybe a few more miles out there is a star just for me
Beaming a few watts too bright for me to see..

I know that she’s beautiful, talented too
But what can I do? How can I expect myself to compare?
You are completely unaware that you’re playing with emotions
Too reserved to put on display, so to simply share
With you what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling
All of it, except for the pain inspired by you
You’ll never know, and maybe it’s better
That way I can keep it as one more secret
The feelings I only wish I never knew

The hardest part is the complete understanding
I know why you take those looks at her and
Yet I keep demanding, more of myself, more of my ability
Pushing my limits further and further than my
Fullest capability, to perform, to impress
To give it everything I’ve got with so much success
And yet, still I come up short because I can’t compete
Not with talent honed for years at a time
Beauty that can’t be described with any string of rhyme
I can’t cheat myself by saying I’m worth any shot
Because this time, I know I’m simply not that much
To experience your touch will never be the same
Nothing more than a friendly game, saying
This is all we will ever be

This is all we will ever stand for
Don’t get your hopes up girl, you’re preparing for a setback
Losing comes so easily because it’s never been a different track
There’s always someone else, and there’s no amount of work I can do
You will see no differently, and acceptance is the only thing I’m pushing through
I’ll work for this, because in the end I know it’s worth it
Changing fate is one thing I really can’t expect to decide
Perhaps with time, this could change but for now I will wait
Praying that you’ll somehow find it in you to change your mind
Yes, all I need is a lot more time
And perhaps a miracle to mend this broken heart of mine

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