Unnecessary Implications

February 28, 2011
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A is for Addictive
B is for Balls
C is for Collaborative
D is for Draw

Can't wait to finish out
Full of groans, screams, and shouts
Heck, it makes you sweat
Losers get their pants wet

Yeah, we know that it’s crazy
And it all gets kinda hazy
We can't wait to reach the end
And it's great with lots of friends

You'd go at it all day
You don't want a dragging stay
It's tiring; no joke
All the heat'll make you choke

Feeling pressured when you're older
You don't want the cold shoulder
Just go all the way!
It's so worth it, they all say

Be safe! Above the influence!
We're stressed with all the covers
Please don't act a fool
Get your mind out the gutter
I'm talking about school!

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