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February 28, 2011
By Onitai SILVER, Iwakuni, Japan, Virginia
Onitai SILVER, Iwakuni, Japan, Virginia
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We are the unknown
The ones who roam
We are those who don’t belong
Those who care
Those who hide
Who cry ourselves to sleep
We have no names
We are the unknown
We are the ones in black hoods
Are we forever forgotten?
We the unknown, are fearless warriors
Of worlds and lands
Are we just figures of mind?
We are the Unknown
We are the ones who are tortured
No family, no friends
No serenity, no happiness
But the faith in our hearts
Is the fuel to make us move along
We are the Unknown
You don’t seem to care
About anyone but yourselves
We starve and show
But you deny
We are different
And we know
But does that give you the right to disgrace?
We are not the people
We are not the children
We are the unknown
We are the mixed
And crazy
We are the one who feel all shame
For the things we do to all who harm
We are the ones who take the blame
Because we are not there
We the unknown, will never see the good
We are the unknown
We dance in the rain
We cast thunder storms
Play in blizzards
Stand against
sand storms
Impenetrable to hurting words
With broken hearts
No more can be done
We are the Unknown
All we ever wanted was a place to call home
But you take all we are
You break our hearts
Then tear us apart
But we fight back
But not for long
We will be erased from this world
Or shall we go back?
To where we came from
We will fight
Or we will fall
Till the angel save us all
We are the unknown
We are the ones who are called freaks
We are the ones who scream

Yell, and cry
We are the three unknown friends
We don’t fit in
We don’t come around
We are the unknown

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