Failed Daydreams

March 3, 2011
By erin0894 BRONZE, Plymouth, Massachusetts
erin0894 BRONZE, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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Have no regrets, because everything you did was, at one time, exactly what you wanted.

You’re flying.
Zip zang zoom in between
Buildings going faster
Than a meteorite
Flying through space
And then you see a
Building getting closer
And closer and you

You’re wandering.
Lazy days create a haze,
Butterflies fly slowly by.
Vibrations shaking the ground
Jerk you into vigilance
And you run as a huge
Rhinoceros tramples the
Ground behind you getting closer

You realize the stupidity of daydreaming.
What’s the point if they’re all going to fail?
Wait, was that a shooting star?
Jump on and you’re off
On an adventure in the deep
Space of nothingness going
Faster than you ever thought possible
And the world zips by you
Or you zip by it you’re
Not sure which but it happens
And then you realize that you
Really shouldn’t be on this star
Because it’s really hot and it might burn your
Pants but does it really matter because it’s been
Awhile and this daydream has yet to

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