My Love Story

March 4, 2011
By emillie221 BRONZE, Swanton, Ohio
emillie221 BRONZE, Swanton, Ohio
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I am like: a delicate rose sitting in a pot of water.
I taste: as sweet as a honey in a hive.
I am: as beautiful as the sunset as it falls to bring darkness.
I try: so hard to love you as you love me.
I wonder: why i get so many roses a day.
I wish: I had a falling star to wish upon.
I love: the way you treat me as a woman, not as an object.
I hate: not having you in my presence.
I fear: that i will not always care for you as you care for me.
I scream: at the site of you surprising me.
I cry: for you when I need you help.
I laugh: at the silly jokes that aren't really that funny.
I want: you always by my side.
I need: you to be there for me when I am struggling to hold on.
I question: who we are and what we are.
I tremble in: the site of people that hurt you.
I pray: to the Lord that no harm will come to you.
I bleed: out my passion for the people I love.
I am a prisoner of: love, trying to get out of harms way.
I was: sad and you have brought brightness to my world.
I hear: your laughter as we lay on the beach.
I see: the look on love deep in your eyes.
I feel: the warmth in my heart as you hold me tight.
I worry: to much to care about the little things in life.
I forgive: and forget the harm you have done to me.
I choose: to love you more than anyone else.
Written by: Me

The author's comments:
I wrote it from my english class and this the first time I am proud of myself for something like this.

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