...But Nothing Changes

March 1, 2011
By , Rapid City, SD
It never stops,
The taunts,
The put-downs
Every day, you expect me to come back,
To be your friend,
To forget everything you've said,
But nothing changes.

You want me to treat you:
Like a friend, like a role model,
Yet, you treat me like a number,
Something that gives you status.
You don't give the the same respect,
That you want from me in return.
But Nothing Changes

When you speak,
You want everyone to hear.
When I speak,
You pretend not to hear or see me,
You act like I'm invisible.
I'm here, existing.
But nothing changes.

You make others feel the way you do:
bad, rejected, watched.
You don't realize the pain,
The hurt you've inflicted,
The damage you've done.
But nothing changes.

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