Good Girls Drown

March 2, 2011
Life whirls around,
Trouble passes by,
Perfect on the outside,
The waves of emotion,
Ups and downs of life,
All where it can be ruined,
In the oceans where good girls die,
Mother's perfect daughter,
Straight A's and all in line,
Daddies little girl,
Sports can move my world,
While secretly I sing,
To the oceans where good girls drown,
I resist them daily,
But can't help but wonder,
When, oh when my sweet ocean,
Will finally pull me in,
Into the oceans where the good girls drown,
Will I stand strong,
Resist it's tedious song,
For there's a thin line,
Between the light side,
And the dark side,
Of where the oceans that drown good girls lay,
You may get close,
Or fall away,
Loose your balance on the tight-rope of today,
And slip beneath the surface of,
The oceans where good girls waste away.

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sunshine7223 said...
Dec. 1, 2011 at 1:40 pm
This is awesome! You really described alot in this, and very descriptively. GREAT job! :) I enjoyed this very much.
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