It Wasn't All for Nothing

March 2, 2011
She grabbed the knife,
And held it to her chest.
She cut and cut,
Until the knife hit her ribs.
She cried and cried,
Because of all the pain.
Then she pulled them apart, and reached inside

Blood poured out.
It covered her hands.
It flowed down her body,
Down to her feet.
After all those years of pain,
Her task was done

She smiled,
Her face covered in blood and tears.
She held out her heart.
She held it out to him

He just stared at her heart,
And then at her.
"I'm sorry," was all he said.
And then he just walked away

All she could do was just stand there.
As she watched him leave,
Her heart fell.
It shattered all around her feet.
Tears fell down her face

After all that pain,
He didn't feel the same way...
But it wasn't all for nothing...
And then she smiled :]

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