I REALLY need to learn yoga

March 2, 2011
I really need to learn yoga

Today, I am so very stressed
Tension buildup in my head
I definitely need some rest
The cause? the cause?
There are quite a few
I really to put my life on pause
Mathematics homework
And a science project
Making me go berserk!
And all this emotion
Crammed into my brain
My heart has strong devotion:
boys, boys, and extra boys.
Next, we have the friends
who need to stop getting involved
No, I don't need your help
I can handle making my own amends
Then, I think of all
The other things, too.
Like chores, reading, exercise
My room also is askew
I hate being stressed
It gives me a huge headache
But I think I know the answer
The steps i have to take
And this is my solution:
I REALLY REALLY need to learn yoga
Such a great resolution!
Relief, Relief is on its way
To help my brain reorganize
And allow tranquility to stay
But, first things first:
I really need to learn yoga!

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