Equivalent to when I rhyme

March 2, 2011
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Hitting like 50 foot waves,
rowdy like riot or raves,
revenge like letting the chains off slaves,
pain like walking on a broken leg for days
sick like a never ending flu,
stuck to your heart like gorilla glue.
hard to accept like a human with no bones,
uncomfortable like dogs heads stuck in cones,
Scary like the walking dead,
comfortable like sleeping in your own bed,
cloudy like a dozen beers,
or sad like a river of tears.
Brutal like a massacre blood bath,
screwed up like following a criminal path
chills like the cold wind blows,
frozen like the pipes when it snows.
In Prison doing life imagine the careless hate,
or the stuck panic like a worm being used as bait,
the rush cause you’re gonna be late,
right place, right time it’s fate
fearless like face to face with a 250 6’5 big man,
death and destruction like a terrorist plan
Excitement like you just hit the lottery,
or bringin you down like an uncharged battery,
Shaking the earth like an earthquake,
evil as the devil finds souls to take
Annoyed like I’m wasting your time,
just a combo of what it’s like when I rhyme.

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