Evergreen Sky

March 2, 2011
By ybkay BRONZE, Kyiv, Other
ybkay BRONZE, Kyiv, Other
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The night sky blocks the dream with its unstoppable shield that slowly approaches.
Just like Athena, I stand alone bravely being Zeus's favorite and load of expectations.
"Just go away, I can't take it any more."
Where has my bravery disappeared?
I fly over to Olympus and look around the world.
Zeus is on the sky watching me emotionless.
Zeus asks "Is there a problem? What's wrong with you? You've changed."
A simple "Nothing" relaxes him and here i stand again looking around the world.
My life spins like the earth rotating, spinning round and round.
Olive tree stands firmly just like my father's thunderbolt.
Once in a while i imagine a piece of apple hanging down from my olive tree.
Like a teenager taking an important test, I stand imagining.
Sounds of people mumbling coming through my ears, "Am I famous like Michael Jackson?"
Babies are growing up and people living their unorganized lives.
World is between the subtraction of babies and adults.
Love forming a mystique excitement to the little world.
The night sky Zeus orders me to continue the dreams of people, but instead I wish I could block it with my shield.
The sun suddenly peeks out from the night sky and spreading lights everywhere.
My shield is on the ground, and I am ready to fly up to the stars and tap dance with the people.
Night sky goes away and here I stand watching the world's view from Olympus.
I stand in the world of gods and watch human world grow like the green grass and the evergreen leafs of a tree.

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