What The World Has Become

March 2, 2011
By hegnero SILVER, Medford, Massachusetts
hegnero SILVER, Medford, Massachusetts
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My sadness is like the sky as its raindrops sprinkle the earth
And water the plants below to give them life
So that they can live and grow even though I think I won’t
Because these raindrops are drowning me in a sea of emotion

I am frozen as life around me proliferates
The flowers and trees begin to bloom with buds awaiting to break
As I become withered away, gasping for air as I struggle afloat
Blinded by the darkness that my world has become

My sadness is like the waves crashing against the shores
Washing up beautiful shells along the sand
As they decorate the landscape, the waves swallow me and spit me out
Because I am an intruder, an ugly fish among the rest

I am shocked by this world around me
By the people who use my emotions to live and grow
As I am melting, being eaten by the acid of my tears
Dying inside, seeing the world for what it’s become

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