March 2, 2011
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There are twelve that reign supreme,
But many others behind the scenes.
Each one controls a different place,
Some similar, yet no two the same.

Commander of lightning and the skies,
Watches over everything that flies.
Goddess of marriage, a kind woman you'll find
That always keeps her husband in line.

Master of water, owns the seas.
Giver and taker of life to trees.
Enticer of war, for fun, not fame.
Manipulator of love, all just a game.

The first inventor, and user of fire.
Lady of wisdom in times most dire.
Man of the sun, music, and poems.
Maiden of the hunt, nature's her home.

Messenger and protector of travelers and thieves.
Tender of hearth and home all eves.
Ruler of the Underworld, and all who've died.
Mistress of magic, and childbirth’s cries.

These beings watch over all unseen,
Their ears sharp, their vision keen.
Observing the world’s triumph and fall
Because the gods of Olympus can see all.

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