Before They Crumble

March 2, 2011
By Nonestopcook PLATINUM, Traverse City, Michigan
Nonestopcook PLATINUM, Traverse City, Michigan
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Nobody noticed me until they didn't know who I was- Bansky

She sits in class,
her body unseen,
hidden under clothes,
her bruises go unseen,
He run in gym,
a sweat shirt on,
covering his scars,
She sits at a table,
during lunch,
her beauty is her fault,
food lays untouched before her,
He sits in the court,
his friends are jealous,
because so many girls like him,
but they aren't hit type,
they are males,
but no one knows truth,
She stands at the whiteboard,
black bags under her eyes,
another night with no sleep,
she must ace every test,
Can we help them,
love themselves,
stand up for themselves,
be true to themselves,
before they crumble

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