so long friend

March 2, 2011
By Anonymous

"you're accusing me again,
yelling and swearing at me again,
and i'm swearing right back.

i can't deal with you're sh*t anymore,
it's too much for me to take,
and i don't want to f*cking deal with it anymore.

so i'm sorry to say,
but i have to drop you,
i love you, but it's too much drama.

you dump your sh*t on me,
because that's what friends are for,
but i don't think you understand.

that i care more about others
than i do myself, so i won't
dump my shit on you,

because i don't want you,
to have to deal with that,
on top of your own problems.

not only that, but i don't trust you,
with my secrets, or problems,
but i'd trust myself,

if i was friends with someone like me,
but i'm not,
i'm friends with you, and others.

all great,
all loved,
all different.

so what does that say about our friendship?
friendship doesn't work with out trust,
and i don't trust you, and i never will again.

and you obivously don't trust me.
so this isn't going to work anymore.
i'm not trying to be a bitch,

just being honest.
i have to let you go because,
we've grown apart,

in different directions,
with different wants,
values, and morals.

i'm gonna miss you,
don't get me wrong,
we've been friends for half our lives,

but there's to much stuff to deal with,
and i don't deal with stuff to well,
but you never new this because i never told you.

if your thinking about something that you went through,
after you broke up with your first boyfriend,
you're absolutly right.

and i have been doing well with that lately,
but i was being pushed there,
hard and fast, to that ledge,

and i didn't want to be there,
on the edge,
so i left.

i love you girl,
you've been a great friend,
but i can't do this anymore."

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