God's Ballet

February 23, 2011
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Crash! Bang!

White swords flashed across my window.

I jerked up from bed abruptly and screamed. It sounded like the world was dying outside my room.

Another crash! Another bang!

More swords illuminated my hands. I smother my face with warm sheets and hid from the cries and slashes of pain yelled out by the trees.

I whispered to myself that there was nothing to be frightened about that it was just nature but each time I clamed myself down another wave after wave of blasts shook the house.

I got up not being able to take it and ran to the window to face my enemy in the eyes. When I was little I would have shrunk deeper into my bed only to end up hugging my mother for dear life. I wasn’t the little cowardly kitten anymore oh no, I was the ferocious tiger ready to stare down the hunter.

I pulled open the curtain and saw the trees swaying in an intoxicated dance. I placed my hand against the cold pane of glass and shuddered silently as marbles fell from the sky and smashed onto the deck.

Crash! Bang!

A white branch of a sickly willow coursed through the sky bringing to light the squirrels in their trees and the rabbits in their burrows.

God’s breath picked up at a velocity of ten horses and blew through the tree’s leaves ripping branches from their mothers scattering them to the ground like abandoned post-it notes.

Having seen enough I shut the shades and backed away from the window slowly holding my breath. Sitting on the edge of my bed with a shaking hand I reached for my cup of water. Feeling the cool waterfall of water ease down my throat I could breathe easily again.

Crash! Bang! Flash!

I winced.

Crash! Bang!


I slid my legs under the blankets and held myself tighter. Gathering thin sheets in my hands I breathed in and out.

Almost over.

I closed my eyes trying to find darkness but the darkness was soon overcome in another flash of gods furry.

“I’m not scared.” I said to myself louder so I could hear my voice over the rumble going through the walls to my ears.

Almost over.





The Ballet was over.

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