February 23, 2011
By , Chuluota, FL
Writers are pretenders
they scribble, scrawl, type or print
hoping somebody will understand
exactly how they are feeling
Readers are pretenders
they soak in the words, worlds, characters, emotions and thoughts
thinking the authors are addressing them, that it all makes sense, that this is exactly what they were thinking
they judge without understanding they see only what applies to them
like a curved mirror of true intention
Teachers are pretenders
they only believe there is one way to do something
that they know the only right way
and they must instill in this right way in others
this isn't learning
this is converting
Doctors are pretenders
everybody can be saved, they aren't meant to die today, they deserve one more breath
who are you to decide?
Lawyers are pretenders
everyone is innocent, everyone is guilty
but life isn't black in white, or even grayscale
what did you do with the color?
children are pretenders
but at least they know it

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