February 23, 2011
By crazyisperfect. GOLD, Arcata, California
crazyisperfect. GOLD, Arcata, California
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I knew someone once
Who looked a lot like you
But I haven’t seen
Since the day she disappeared
And we hung up signs
On telephone poles, trains
Stapled and soaking
with each drop of rain
Ink dripping down
Reminding us all
Of a loss irreplaceable
And I see you now
dressed in layers of lie
Where did you go?
Where did you hide?
I want you back now!
I shout, but you laugh
Because metamorphosis
Doesn’t take place
quite so fast
losing you was slow
and getting back will be worse
But please, what can I do?
To rid you of this curse
The person you were
several years from today
Is not that same as now
But is tucked far away
In creases of shame
In folds of blame
You are someone else
Living under her name

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