A Distant Friend

February 23, 2011
We met first in fright
Hidden behind walls
That we never believed
could be broken down
And we sat stiffly and could see nothing
And could laugh at nothing, cry
But we stuck together
And one brick at a time
We dug out a city
Fabled in mind
We ran and climbed
Held hands the whole way
And separated we were not
Through those endless days
It was summer in the city
We included the sun
But when first clouds came
What could be done?
We zipped up dusted suitcases
Tucking longings away
Waiting for summer once more
365 days away
We met once again
Now five times in a row
And set off once more
For the adventures we’d stow
And barefoot in the grass
We’d tumble once more
Weeds in a valley
With much growth to go
We never saw an end
Only Chapter 1
Until the last summer
When our days were done
I think of you here
3,000 miles away
And hope you still knock down
Every brick that you lay

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