February 23, 2011
By Anonymous

He excavated some courage
from a weak mound of runes
He uncovered ivory to
tap out a tune
He thought he saw reflections
In my eyes from his own
But they were tricks that he saw;
to me, unknown
He spoke like a gentleman
Gave leeway to me
While I made nothing out of
his acts of gentry
He questioned all my frowns
joined in every laugh
Never did he question
If I’d return favor back
The day of excavation
He smiled with a plea
And I told him, no
We’re not meant to be “we”
He acted like it was nothing
The epicenter of a storm
when the feelings that existed
through surface shown
He gave some things up
To put stock in me
But just friends was all I’d
ever wanted to be
He walks around halls
with smiles broken in half
No longer did he join in a laugh
I hurt inside, but not as he does
For I cry tears of the truth that
No one can force love

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