Eyes are The Way Into A Woman's Heart

February 23, 2011
By , stamford, CT
My eyes serve as my guide through my mother’s eyes
I acknowledge a sight one that does not shine bright
But my eyes who serve as my guide, guide me to the light
My mother is in a fight with pain, sorrow, demise
Feelings I deeply despise, because I see her losing although she tries
A soliloquy of mine the words;” why oh why”
Will my mother drift into the skies where the sunrise lies?
Or is this pain telling me lies out of spite
How dare this pain put me in such a plight?
Pain you have no right, to put me in such pain
This pain I can‘t name, this pain running through my veins
This pain is driving me insane, at first I could not comprehend
Until this pain revealed itself to me in vane
This pain is so sour unlike like nectar from benevolent flowers
My joy this pain devours, this pain hits deeper by the hour
This pain is turning me into a coward,
This pain is so sour unlike sugar cane
This pain plays its own game, a game which is so deranged
If not this pain then what else can I blame, I’ve never felt so strange
A soliloquy of mine;” why oh why such a pain”
My mother she seems so distressed even in her moments of rest
Is cancer infecting her breast or is fate putting her to the test
Her eyes turn yellowish red as she lingers upon her bed
I gave her a kiss on the fore head right then my soul cried
And my heart bled

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