Gone but Never Forgotten

February 23, 2011
This is for whoever fell, in heaven now because there is no hell. Reminding you that we remember you all, to you I dedicate this memoir. Life does go on but we will always remember the fact that you are gone. You were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, guardians, uncles and aunts. We’ll celebrate your lives instead of mourn. We all will stay strong for you blessed souls who might have or might not have had the chance to fulfill your goals. Your families, friends and acquaintances remember your sadness, happiness, anger, accomplishments, frowns and laughter. They still have your photos that captured what you were doing at that point in your life’s chapter. They were all gathered at your burial whether you were homeless or a famous actor. They were there in the beginning and they still remember you after. You’re still loved, appreciated and haven’t been forsaken. I wish you peace and eternal bliss. None of us wanted it to be like this crossing our fingers blowing a kiss up into the sky where those who died now reside. This is for all the soldiers who wielded weapons on the battle field and the young women who’ve been raped, abused and other troubling ordeals. This is for drug addicts, cancer patients, suicide victims, Little kids who didn’t have a chance to have kids, Murder witnesses who got killed for supposedly snitching, Slaves who got whippings, heart attack victims, and attacked prisoners, those who were infected by a viral disease, those who had diabetes, those who were in accidents that didn’t survive and anyone who had ever been alive.

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