Patience and Passion.

February 23, 2011
By , Fort Wayne, IN
My mother used to chastise me
For never having patience
All the while, she herself screamed
to get her way.

My dad used to yell at me
When I ran in circles on the
living room rug
While staring off into space

My bike chains used to groan
Protesting the speed I wanted
Squeaking along, drenched in mass
amounts of iron oxide

But he? He used to laugh when I
got excited
Speaking fifty miles a minute
Flitting back and forth like a

He said, "You have passion in your
soul. You're going to go places."
But that was before he "passed on"
A fancy synonym for death.

By then, patience was all I had
Waiting for the minutes to tick by
to night
So I could see him in my dreams.

Patience and passion, which one is
Which one do I have?
He still thinks I have both...

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