Flight towards home

February 23, 2011
By , madison, WI
My mind becomes drugged with the alluring tug felt from the dream world,
Drifting Slowly, I enter.
I'm here,
A dream,
A utopia of pure joy and heart rendering longing,
Submerged deep in my subconscious,
My story unfolds,
Cries of the morning birds are heard in the distance,
The whispers of the wing caress me gently,
Today the wind cries for me to be free,
To fly even for the slightest moment with the kindred spirits that awaits me,
The song of the free echo in the wind,
Their sweet distant nostalgic songs,
My heart beats true and steady with the beat the songs provide,
But I'm unable to break free,
To explore life and its miracles,
The rising of new dawn embeds itself with all others,
Again another fleeting moment,
Another passing day,
The hope of flying to intake freedom,
The desire for escape burn low,
Yet again,
My sky waits,
For my flight,
My flight towards home.

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