So Empty

February 22, 2011
When you feel so empty
that there's nothing left to cry
what do you do, where do you go?
take a deep breath and swallow the pride
Yes I miss you, do you know?
More than I want to share
This weight is killing me
Building up to more than I can bare
I've never wanted to be
The person who suffers in silence
But you're making me sit still
These kind of battles always have violence
I don't want to have to forget
To have all this time just wasted
To toss out these memories
The bitterness I've never tasted
Is left in my mouth now
And nothing but you can rinse out
It's like you caught me on fire
Won't an extinguisher, what's that about
I thought you'd be here forever
That's what you said, did you forget
Cause I want to be there, if you'd allow
Those people around you won't, against your best bet
I planned on it actually, really I did
Up until the point you didn't believe me
That I didn't do what you said
Cause I was a friend, true as could be
Now you want me gone just like that
Like I can just vanish from your life
I'm not just a ghost now, even if you think
But you left, you might as well have used a knife
I don't want to be in this fight
But you drafted me into this war
That's something you just won't admit
Accuse me, like always, just completely ignore
What you did to me and what you still do
Hurt me and blame me for your problems
Just to make you feel better about yourself
I guess to you, it's easier than solving them
Whatever, this is what I'm saying
If you want me gone, I'll go
But I really don't want to leave
I just thought you'd want to know.

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