Growth of Fake Flowers

March 3, 2011
By Bouskiegirl PLATINUM, Hawkeye, Iowa
Bouskiegirl PLATINUM, Hawkeye, Iowa
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We just can’t be,
Like the growth of plastic flowers,
You and me,
Like a castle without towers,
We’re everything,
But perfect for each other,
You and me,
We just seem to ruin one another,
So let’s let it go,
Let’s let the earth turn once again,
Let’s be nothing to each other,
Just friends,
Let’s forget about that kiss,
Let’s forget about forever,
Let’s forget we were ever more,
Than what we thought of one another,
Sure, we flirted and teased,
But not much more,
You never had your eyes on me,
It was her you were looking for,
So go be happy with someone else,
Go fall in love with her,
You two will definitely be better,
Then the two of us ever were,
Like a growth of fake flowers,
We just weren’t meant to be,
Like a castle without out towers,
You and me.

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