Wrapped In Your Presence

March 2, 2011
By shandelarenve SILVER, Buffalo, Texas
shandelarenve SILVER, Buffalo, Texas
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You come forth, but then back down;
Who are you, to wear a crown?
Your not king, no not a saint;
Your voice in my head, never faint.
I stare at your smile, I'm like a child;
Needing you every once in a while.
Come in my life, and don't go out;
I want you, without a doubt.
You keep me warm, you hold my hand;
Is there a timer made of sand?
Tell me the things I want to hear;
Your words, and heart.. The things I fear.
I told you once, and never again;
Never will I make amends.
I turn around, and you are there;
You talk to her, that's not fair.
Will you talk to me, when I'm around?
No, around I there is no sound.
This is for you, from the one that is true;
The one that will not, cannot, and shall not hurt you.
For you, I'm wrapped up in your presence;
Don't ever let me go.

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