Chapters of Heartbreak

March 1, 2011
By jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
jdlc9215 PLATINUM, Oakland, California
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Live everyday like it's your last day on Earth - because you never know when it just might be.

I can now
finally admit to myself
that I’m over you.
I’ve been thinking about
last year for sometime now.
I don’t know why,
why I can’t let the past
be the past.

But you know what they say:
the past defines who you are.
See I don’t know if I
actually believe that
but the past does show what
we’ve been through.
And with you.
it was nothing but heartbreak.

It started off like this:
Chapter 1;
gay boy meets boy.
You were beautiful,
plain and simple.
You had that brown hair
that I just wanted
to run my fingers through.
And of course,
there were your mysterious,
alluring, green eyes.

Chapter 2:
gay boy prays that boy is also gay.
I don’t know why
but there was something about you
that just had me
begging to be with you.
And I was falling hard for you.
But here was the problem,
you never actually talked to me.

That brings me to Chapter 3;
gay boy falls deep to the point
of where he’s blinding himself.
I was lying to myself,
hoping, praying that one day
you would notice me
and realize with your green eyes,
I would do anything for you.
Lying and playing
tricks in my mind,
that was me.

That brings me to Chapter 4;
gay boy wakes up and faces reality.
I woke up and didn’t wanna
get out of bed
because of you.
I never felt the emotion
you put me through.
I’m not talking about love
but heartbreak.
Heartbreak is a dark place
that was tempting and seducing
my mind,
whispering to me
that I wasn’t worth of love,
let alone yours.

But right now,
I’m currently on Chapter 5;
gay boy picks himself up
and dusts himself off.
I can say that I went through
heartbreak and survived.
I have the scar
and will carry it.
But I can finally say
that I’m over you
with a straight face.
I know that someday
my Superman will come
and I’ll be worth of his love.
I don’t resent you anymore,
I really just wish the best for you.

They say that you’ll always
be in love with your first heartbreak.
I believe that because
if by some magical force
you and me
are given the chance to be,
I’d take it in a heartbeat.
Let’s just say,
who can resist that
pretty boyish face.
And I can finally say
that I’m finished
with the
chapters of heartbreak.

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