Beautiful Sin

March 1, 2011
By emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
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the world ended when you said nothing

This beautiful sin is one that I can never let go
Which is another reason I will always tell you no
I can’t give it up more than you can understand
And you will never pry this beauty out of my hands
Still not comprehending? How can you? No one does.
But that’s the thing, my beautiful sin: my love.
No one can take this from me, for it is mine to use
Though it takes over me and I’m not in control; I lose
Controlled by this sin to do its command and bidding
You taught me my love is my sin, but that’s why I cling
I can’t give up what I thought was true and so pure to me
As easily as you think you can walk away and leave
I won’t take back my words when I said I love you and still do
Because even if its against your wishes, I find that it is very true
You don’t have to return this feeling, it’s just a statement
My words cannot be erased though, unlike yours which just went
You didn’t think of what your words did to my heart
Oh it didn’t get, that’s to precise, instead it was torn apart
And thank you for pointing out that I’ve made another mistake
I left my heart out in the open and it was stabbed by a stake
No, I can’t stop loving you either way, it’s not my decision
My heart has taken over once again and it’s on a mission
To never forget about you is its goal, not to my pleas
I want to let go of you and just let myself release
But I’m not able to, so it looks like I’m not giving up
Even if my beautiful sin, one and only, is to love

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