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March 1, 2011
By raebaybay90 GOLD, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
raebaybay90 GOLD, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
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Will you love her in the morning?
Will you love her at night?
Will you love her during dinner?
And when she starts a fight?
Will you love her in the car?
Will you love her on the train?
Will you love her on a helicopter?
Or even on a plane?
Will you tell her that you love her?
And whisper it in her ear?
Will you think about how much you love her,
even when she's not near?
Will you treat her like your everything?
Your sun and your stars?
Will you treat her like a queen?
And tell her you love her out to mars?
Will you be with her forever?
Will your love conquer all?
Will you take her everywhere?
Will you catch her when she falls?
Will you tell her that she's beautiful?
Will you kiss her goodnight?
Will you hug her under the covers?
and always hold her tight?
Will you tell her that its ok,
when she's cold and sad.
Will you make her feel better,
even when you feel bad?
Will you sing to her when she's lonely?
And give her a blanket when she's cold?
Will you love her til the end of time,
and even when she's old?
Will you continue to love her,
through the thick and thin?
When you play cards at night,
will you always let her win?
Will you tickle her tummy?
And kiss her on the nose?
Will you plant flowers together,
and spray her with the hose?
Will you watch her favorite movies,
just to see her smile?
Will you run your fingers through her hair,
and stare at her for a while?
Will you treat her like the only girl,
the best thing in your life?
Will you make her feel amazing?
And take her as your wife?
Will you wake up everymorning,
and give her neck a kiss?
Will you give her anything she wants,
and grant her every wish?
Will you go for walks at night?
And watch as the sun sets?
Will you look out to the ocean,
and talk about its depths?
Will you tell her all your secrets?
And listen as she speaks?
Will you kiss her for hours?
And hold her for weeks?
Will you tell her she's your angel?And make her feel so sweet?
Will you rub her back on the couch,
and maybe even her feet?
Will you tell her that she's special?
And the only one for you?
Will you be with her forever?
Until you're ninety two?
Will you raise a family together?
And teach them the above?
Will you kiss their mom in front of them,
and say "this defines love"?
Will you love her through infinity?
And smile everytime she laughs?
Will you cry for her unhappiness?
And record her emotions on a map?
Will you pray for her to succeed?
And praise her when she does?
Will you pay her in kisses?
And say "that's what you get for love"!
Will you think of her in your dreams?
Will she think of you as well?
Will you dedicate a star to her?
Or a perfect shell?
Will you say that every grain of sand,
expresses your love for her?
Will you say that even though the ocean's beautiful,
she is what you prefer?
Will you tell her that the skies the limit?
Or say that there's no end?
Will you act like little kids?
Will you be her best friend?
Will you have fun all the time?
And treat every moment with her like your last?
Will you lay your head on her chest,
and listen as her heart beats fast?
Will your love last no matter what?
Just like real love should.
Will you travel anywhere to see her,
just because you could?
Will you remember that she's your everything?
And always let her know,
that without her you'd be nothing,
just like the winter without its snow.

The author's comments:
I don't think I've ever been in love, but if i was, this is how i would want it to be.

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