March 1, 2011
I want to scream
It feels so good
But I can’t
Something is keeping my mouth shut
I want to scream
Oh, how everyone would hear
My scream

Sensations all over my body
I feel tight skin beneath my hand
I hear him screaming
Screaming loud

It’s so hot
Sweat is running off me
In thick drops
Clinging to my hair
But I feel
Like I’m flying
Flying so high
I want to scream
I love this feeling
But I can’t
I want to hear him
Scream my name
Over and over again

So I’ll close my eyes
Oblivious to the world
Let him scream
While he squeezes tighter
And I let the tingling sensation
Take over

When we are done
We’re both breathing hard
Such an adrenaline rush
Every time I do it
I’ve had experience
I’m not as shaken
I have nothing left to lose
He doesn’t now
He just lost his lunch
I guess he should listen
Since it’s his first time
On this crazy
Rollercoaster ride

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