With Him

February 28, 2011
When I’m with him I don’t understand the feelings within me
Excitement, confusion, nervousness

Excitement- just being with him
Confusion- mixed emotions
Not knowing what’s going on in his head,
but knowing not what goes on in mine either
Nervousness- butterflies soaring through my chest

Talking to him feels like heaven
Hearing his voice is enough
My heart heals as I talk to him
Through I know what heals now will soon be broken
Because leaving him breaks my heart
Every time my newly healed heart is broken again

Why do I even try?
When I know he doesn’t return my love
But yet I still go on everyday in hopes of seeing him
Wishing, dreaming, hoping
That someday he will see me through the eyes I see him

As time goes I start to wonder is it worth it?
But then I see him and am reminded of the feelings of:
Love excitement, confusion, nervousness
Most of all love, and I think to myself yes this is worth everything

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HaleyDRog. said...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 11:40 pm
This is such a great piece! I loved it so much! It's so relatable and unique. The words had a great ryhtum to them. They flowed great together! Nice job!
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