Unstable Through Time

February 28, 2011
Creative juices flowing
I wonder where this is going
Our relationships on the rocks
Both of us barely knowing
Please acknowledge the fact
That I want you more than I should
There's no turning back for me
The ending will be far from good
Its times like these when I wish I had a pause button
A way to live in this moment forever
Someone should really consider inventing that
It could make my whole life better
Then they should come up with a rewind
To relive and remember the past
Cause if I had a second chance
I would definitely make us last
Then ponder on a fast forward
To skip the tragedies
But decide not to
Because a world not learning from mistakes
Is a world falling to it's knees
I don't want to beg you
Yet alone get on your nerves
But after years of unbearable silence
Your friendship is what I deserve
I hope to earn more than that in the coming time
But if you find that impossible
I'll still think of you as mine

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