February 28, 2011
Sometimes you don't expect it.
Sometimes you do.

It's just around the corner.
Maybe even under your shoe.

It's coming after you.

It likes to hide in the dark,
so you don't know what you're against.

It's sing-sonny voice presents you to the black abyss.

Its' wording stops you from thinking, and makes you giggle.

After it has played with its meal, gained your trust...

It lurks from behind.
Slowly coming out of the darkened alley way.

Its' deadly claws grasps your heart, squeezing oh so tight.
Your heart bleeds from pain.

Its' actions were decoys.
Its' words pawns.

its' voice deceives it appearance,
but black describes its' soul.

the monster it can be; the monster it truly is, is now revealed.
It is about to ruin your life.

This monster...
is love.

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